EDGY Girl Fitness

intro packages

Edgy Girl Special (30 minute sessions):

Plans designed to introduce new comers how to begin a workout regimen at home or the gym. Clients will learn how to use equipment, education of working different body parts, and introduction to healthy meal plans.  We offer 2 or 4 sessions.

Edgy Girl Fitness Corporate Plan (30 minute sessions):​

The Edgy Girl Fitness Corporate Plan was created for women on the go, who are ready to take their Fitness Goals to the next Level by being consistent with their training. Training is offered (3) days a week, this plan is offered to women working in corporate America, Medical Professionals, Educators, and Law Enforcement Officers. The Edgy Girl Corporate Plan is a 4 month plan which includes: monthly before and after photos, monthly weigh-ins, and body fat test. Includes a 30 day customized meal, personal and group training.​​

EDGY Girl Fitness

Studio packages

The Edge (Competition Prep Package):​

Edgy Girl Fitness Competition package is designed for those who would like to compete in a bodybuilding competition. Under this plan a client is looking to under-go 16-18 week commitment of strength training, cardio endurance training, calisthenics, stadium running, competition posing, and 30 day customized meal plan with supplement suggestions. Training sessions are 30 minutes long.  We offer 2 months, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year packages.

​​​Edgy Girl Fitness (Church Package):​​

The Edgy Girl Fitness Church package was created for Tabernacle of Praise Church International members only. Plan includes either (2) 30 minute personal training sessions or (3) 30 minute personal training sessions a week. Members must commit to a minimum of 3 months.

Group Fitness Package:​

Bring a group of friends/co-workers or family 6-8 people and enjoy the most energetic Group workout with Edgy Girl! Stone Mountain Hikes are also offered in this package.

Health and Wellness Seminars:

Health and Wellness Seminars were created for companies that want to invest in their employees. Today, we realize that companies are encouraging their employees to live a healthier lifestyle.  Customized package unique for your group, which will include, introduction to Edgy Girl, testimonials, food prep presentation, mini boot camp with live DJ and private fitness assessment.

Customized Meal Plans:

Customized meal plans created for your personal fitness journey and goals only. Client will have a 30 minute consult via phone or email to discuss dietary needs and goals. Please allow 3 business days for plan to be ready.

Couples Training Packages:​

If you and your significant other would like to get in shape together. Edgy Girl Fitness has a customized plan offered 2 days a week, including your on customized meal plans. It’s time to fall in love all over again with the body of your dreams.

Motivational Speaking:​

 If you need someone to inspire you, friends, family, or church members. Sometimes the best medicine is to be inspired and uplifted by a person who’s walked in your shoes before. Fatimah Ray will give you the encouragement you need to turn your situation into a positive result. (Please call and check available dates and times).

Online Training/Coaching:​

For those of you who would like to reach your goals from the privacy of your home Edgy Girl Fitness has a solution with online training. Edgy Girl Fitness package includes 2 days a week, Cardio, strength training, flexibility, meal plans and most importantly accountability! Get the Edge with Edgy Girl Fitness all over the World!!!​