Vision Statement
The Vision of Edgy Girl Fitness Studio is to provide a facility where the residence
of the Clayton-Henry County and surrounding areas can have a place to increase
and improve their physical, nutritional needs, professional training, and spiritual
health as a whole. The definition of Edgy Girl Fitness means we take care of Real
people, with Real Lives, who need a Real solution! At Edgy Girl Fitness we are all
about a lifestyle change not a quick fix! We want to create an environment where
our clients can meet their fitness goals and improve their quality of life.

Mission Statement
Our Mission statement at Edgy Girl Fitness Studio is “Your health is your Wealth”.
The goal is to push our clients over the Edge and beyond and help them transform
into the best version of themselves through fitness, nutrition, knowledge of
healthier eating, and spiritual affirmation and confidence. Edgy Girl Fitness Studio
is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients to them help improve their
quality of life.